Nature comes to life in local exhibition

Maggie Brockie with one of her animal pieces.Maggie Brockie with one of her animal pieces.MAGGIE Brockie’s talent might have come as a surprise to her 22 years ago when she first started work in the studio.
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“I raised a family before I started playing around with clay,” the 67-year-old said.

The Stanthorpe-based sculptor will share the gallery space with Tenterfield Aboriginal painter Rod McIntosh for the Inverell Art Gallery Common Ground exhibition, opening Friday evening.

Tasmanian born, the artist said she was searching for warmer weather, but found a familiar four seasons, and inspiration in the Granite Belt.

Her work is life-like and stylised representations of birds and animals, some freestanding, others embedded in a natural setting like a piece of bark or human shoulder.

“Seeing the granite forms, and then just because I do native animals and birds, it was just a natural progression to put them into the rock forms, or the little boulder forms,” she said.

She spent years keeping artist friends company, but even after they invited her to give it a try, she refused, until one day, it was the right time.

“I’ve reared quite a few native animals, so I had that close proximity to animals and birds, and at one point a friend of mine suggested I have a go with some clay and I thought, ‘Yeah, right-o, I’m ready’,” she said.

“And after about three days, he was trying to tell me what to do and I said ‘No, I know what I want to do,” and laughed.

Maggie said her first piece of significance was a joey in a pouch.

“Because I has hand-rearing joeys and looking at them all the time,” she said.

She was advised stick to kangaroos to get a handle on the medium and her skill.

“So you could say I did my apprenticeship on kangaroos and joeys, and then one day I tried to make a possum, and it was easy,” Maggie said with a chuckle.

Her proportions, from frilled lizards, to platypus, pythons to humans, are all accurate and lifelike.

“I think I’m just a three-dimensional person, you know so I know a joey’s about that big,” she said, holding up her hands.

“I talk with my hands a lot, so it makes sense that I would work in a medium like clay in a 3-D way.”

Common Ground opens on Friday, February 19 with an opening at 5.30pm at the Inverell Art gallery. The show runs until April 7 during gallery hours.

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Australian family life clearly under attack

VULNERABLE: Jenna Price says proposed tax and childcare cuts are a threat to the Australian family way of life.If companies and corporations and businesses, big and small, could vote in elections, I would understand the government’s desire to pander to them. If it was only the wealthy who voted, I could understand the government’s desire to appease the rich.
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But what I now fail to understand is this: why don’t politicians pander to the ordinary people who vote for them in quite the same way they appease business, big and small; and the rich. Why is their approval so important to the government?

It’s become increasingly apparent that this particular government, first under Abbott and now under Turnbull, is continuing to attack Australian family life. All of us: straight, gay, well, sick, able-bodied or those with disabilities, with or without kids; born here or elsewhere.

This antagonism to all of us was clearly flagged in 2014, when failed treasurer Joe Hockey attempted to push through parliament $8.5 billion in cuts, including a limit of Family Tax Benefit Part B to families when their youngest child turns six. I’m guessing many partners of MPs are stay-at-home parents, so nice for them.

But last week, many of those attempted cuts reappeared and were passed straight through the House of Representatives.Who does that affect? Yep, about one and a half million families will lose their Family Tax Benefit Part A supplements, which is a cut of more than $700 per child every year. And 1.3 million families will lose their Family Tax Benefits, part B supplements, a cut of more than $350 per family every year. That, combined with the abolition of the School Kids Bonus, will mean single parents with two children in high school will lose nearly $5000 a year.

The good news is that, alongside the grasping nature of the ACCI’s prebudget submission, those who represent the rest of us can see what the real problems are.

The Australian Council of Social Services’s CEO Cassandra Goldie says it plainly:“Genuine tax reform is not about raising or lowering tax rates: it should begin by limiting unfair tax breaks and unintended loopholes that mainly benefit people who are on higher incomes and erode the tax base.”

Nick Hopwood, a researcher at the University of Technology Sydney, says it’s very important that we consider the kinds of services which support our most vulnerable. Many of those services, particularly around the area of early intervention for children, have no idea one year to the next whether they will be funded.

In ACOSS’s submission into the family payments structural reform inquiry, Goldie again pleads with those in the Senate to reject the changes to family payments. The submission says the expenditure component of the package, which boosts Part A by $5 a week, doesn’t take effect until July 2018.

It also goes on to point out that there has been no release of an analysis of the impacts of the proposed changes.“It is vital that there is clarity about how different families will be affected, particularly given that vulnerable children and their families will clearly be affected.”

But for me, the most telling yet depressing part of ACOSS’s prebudget submission is about childcare:“The relative generosity at the higher end has increased the overall costs of the (childcare)package, which the government is now seeking to pay for through cuts to family payments.”Yes, reward those families with incomes of more than $340,000 a year. They really need it, don’t they?

– Jenna Price is a Fairfax Media columnistThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Wisos over 50s pairs set for May

WISEMAN Park Bowling Club have been forced to cancel next Monday’s popular Over 50s Pairs event with entries taken for the next tournament in late May.
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New date: Wiseman Park’s over 50s pairs is set down for May 23.

Wiseman Park greens are recovering after being struck down by ground pearls in turf grass, leaving one greennot back in action until the end of March or early April.

Some greens at other clubs have also been affected by ground pearls but Wiseman Park won’t be impacted during pennant season with two greens still operating.

But they need the third green for the Over 50s Pairs meaning next Monday’s event is off withentries being taken for the May 23 event. Cost is $20 per person, $40 a team which includes lunch. $1700 prize money.

Contact Shane Garvey on 0409 481 006 or sign up at the club. Entries will fill fast.

Garvey expects to have two young players from outside the zone in his Grade 1 side this season. Wisos have also recruited Brian Suckley, with Illawarra Zone 16 round one pennants on March 12.

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Schoolgirl hit by garbage truck in Langwarrin in Melbourne’s south-east

The girl was flown in the Air Ambulance to the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Photo: Courtesy of Nine NewsA schoolgirl remains in a serious condition in hospital after being hit by a rubbish truck in Melbourne’s outer south-east.
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The 17-year-old girl stepped off the kerb and was struck by the Frankston City Council rubbish truck at the intersection of Cranbourne-Frankston Road and Long Street in Langwarrin about 8.10am on Tuesday.

Paramedics treated the girl at the scene before she was flown by air ambulance to Royal Melbourne Hospital. She remained in a serious condition at 1pm.

A man, known only as Will, saw the collision and described the distressing scene.

“I just saw her rolling on the ground there, so unfortunately not a good scene,” he told radio station 3AW.

The truck belongs to the council’s waste disposal contractors, Solo Resource Recovery.  Detectives appealing for witnesses after 17-year-old struck by garbage truck in Langwarrin. #9Newspic.twitter南京夜网/7xwlg37imJ— Nine News Melbourne (@9NewsMelb) February 16, 2016

The 54-year-old Frankston truck driver is assisting police with their inquiries.

The girl was the second pedestrian to be seriously injured on Melbourne roads on Tuesday.

A man was hit by a car on the corner of La Trobe and William streets in the CBD about 5.30am.

The man, aged in his 30s, suffered serious head and leg injuries and was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a serious condition.

A further five pedestrians have been killed in Victoria in the past week.

Last month, a cyclist was killed after colliding with a garbage truck in Ormond, also in Melbourne’s south-east.

The cyclist and the truck collided at the corner of North Road and Glen Orme Avenue about 7.30am on January 20.

The cyclist – a 25-year-old Ormond man – was taken to The Alfred hospital, but died a short time later.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or via 梧桐夜网crimestoppersvic南京夜网419论坛.*/]]>

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Whooping cough rates soar

AS THE debate about vaccinations continues to rage, NSW Shadow Minister for Health, Walt Secord, has released figures showing NSW whooping cough has reached a five year high of 12,240 cases, compared with 3,135 cases in 2014.
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Mr Secord said it was time the Baird Government stepped up its public health message on vaccinations.

“Vaccination is a 20th century public health achievement – it saves lives but sadly, large scale vaccinations have allowed a small fringe to become complacent about the welfare of our nation’s children – especially in regard to measles, whooping cough, mumps and other deadly diseases,” Mr Secord said.

“While the NSW and Federal governments have taken some steps in relation to this issue, there is still more work to be done.

“It is heartbreaking to see that immunisation rates in some parts of the state – such as the North Coast and Sydney’s east – have slipped to the levels of the developing world.”

Whooping cough (also known as pertussis) is a serious respiratory infection that causes a long coughing illness. In babies, the infection can sometimes lead to pneumonia and occasionally, brain damage or death.

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Industry touted in town

Cootamundra Shire is forging ahead with a proposedindustrial sub-division onthe corner of Turners Lane and Gundagai Road.
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At Monday night’s council meeting, councillors were told it would cost$1,564,650 to create the sub-division.

Councillor Paul Braybrooks advocated for council to move ahead with the project.

“It is not acceptable that we (Cootamundra Shire) are in the position of not having any industrial land available,” Cr Braybrooks said.

“That situation is in the foreseeable future,” he continued.

To get the land to a salable state, council would have to construct a road, kerb, install sewer pipes, stormwater, telecommunication lines, powerlines, water supply, gas and purchase the land.

However, Cr Braybrooks believes it would be worth it.

“”As a country town, if there is no industrial land, we are not going anywhere,” Cr Braybrooks said.

He said it is imperative council seek to move forward with the project.

“This is for job creation, this is for our future,” Cr Braybrooks said.

The prospect of completing the project in stages was discussed, however council general manager Ken Trethewey pointed out that the first stage would cost a million dollars and said it would end up more cost effective to undertake the project as a whole.

Cr Braybrooks indicated that potential buyers for the property may already exist.

“I’d suggest we would sell two sizable lots quite quickly,” Cr Braybrooks said.

To undertake such a large project in the current political climate where merger decisions are yet to be finalised is not an easy task, but one with roadblocks which are not insurmountable, according to Mr Trethewey.

Currently, council can not enter into a contract for work worth more than $250,000. This is until a decision on amalgamation is made, however Mr Trethewey indicated dispensation avenues are available.

With a majority of councillors in favour of moving forward with the project now a costing has been put before them, they instructed council staff to come back to the next council meeting with a plan to fund the project.

Cr Braybrooks suggested council may be able to borrow from themselves to get started on the project.

“This is a priority for Cootamundra,” Councillor Rosalind Wight said.

She suggested council look at starting the project before the end of the financial year, if possible.

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Keep crown rot at bay

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THE fungal disease crown rot is one of Australia’s most costly diseases in wheat, and with it generally doing most damage in years with dry springs, under the scenario of climate change it could foreseeably become an even bigger problem.

Yield losses from the disease, first spotted in the 1950s, can be up to 90pc in susceptible varieties, such as some lines of durum wheat, or 50pc, in bread wheats.

Looking to stop these losses, the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) has invested in a series of projects to minimise damage.

These projects cover pre-breeding, epidemiology, farming systems and pathology.

The GRDC also launched an extension program – Stop The Rot – in 2011.

Dr Jason Able makes a durum cross with an elite breeding line and a potential source of reduced crown rot susceptibility which has been provided through Dr Hugh Wallwork’s crown rot pre-breeding program at SARDI.

The campaign was designed to lift awareness of the need for a three-step program based on crop rotation, monitoring for basal browning as well as whiteheads in harvested grain and soil and stubble testing.

Crop rotation is a key method of stopping crown rot.

GRDC-supported research demonstrated that crop rotation reduces the incidence and severity of crown rot, resulting in average yield gains of between 17-23 per cent over continuous wheat rotations.

Precision planting techniques can also help.

NSW Department of Primary Industries research funded by the GRDC has also shown that inter-row sowing reduces the impact of crown rot and increases yield by up to 9pc in a wheat-on-wheat sequence.

Recent collaborative research between the Northern Grower Alliance and NSW Department of Primary Industries has also established that the presence of root lesion nematode (RLN) feeding within root systems increases the severity of crown rot.

This research highlights that cereal varieties differ in their tolerance to crown rot and RLN. This can have a significant impact on the relative yield of varieties in the presence of these various disease constraints.

In the heartland of crown rot, northern NSW, Garah grower Bill Yates emphasises the importance of rotations in controlling crown rot.

He says the cereal-legume rotations he and son Andrew have implemented have greatly reduced the incidence of crown rot in their wheat crops.

“The GRDC research results and the rotational changes we made as a result of them mean we are battling to find whiteheads (a key indicator of crown rot) now,” he said.

Mr Yates said it was quite rare now to plant wheat on wheat and only when crown rot levels had been measured and were a low risk.

But it is not just agronomics the GRDC has invested in.

It has committed funds to long-term genetics R&D to complement gains made through the adoption of recommended farm practices.

A range of new material is coming through breeding programs based on current commercial cultivars and recent additions to the set of crown rot resistance sources.

A new cereal research project began in 2013, aimed at boosting the resistance of durum wheat to crown rot.

This project aims to improve resistance in durum wheats by crossing them with hexaploid (bread wheat) and wild tetraploid wheats which carry good levels of crown rot resistance.

The national crown rot program is also focused on refining the PreDicta B ® pre-sowing test for this disease to enable growers to make more informed rotation and management choices before embarking on their cropping programs.

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Global temperatures leap higher in January, smashing records

Global temperatures spiked higher in January, setting records, international agencies say. Photo: Leigh HenninghamThis year has got off to a scorching start, with global temperatures marching to new highs as a giant El Nino rode on the back of creeping climate change, data from Japan and the US show.
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Just a month after the world notched its hottest year on record, January’s  global land and sea-surface temperatures were 0.52 degrees above the average for 1981-2010, Japan’s Meteorological Agency reported.

The departure from the norm easily eclipsed the previous record of 0.29 degrees shared equally by 2002, 2007 and 2015, the agency said.

Temperatures in January are rising at the rate of about 0.75 degrees per century, the agency said.

While more data will be released in coming days by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a chart from fellow US agency NASA (see below) also shows January’s temperature spiking higher.

The data indicates last month had the biggest increase over the previous record for any month in more than a century of records.

January also had the largest anomaly – or departure from the long-term norm – for any month on record, Stefan Rahmstorf, a researcher from Germany’s Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research and a visiting professorial fellow at the University of New South Wales, says.

“The record is helped along a bit by El Nino, but most of it – more than 80 per cent – is due to human-caused global warming,” Dr Rahmstorf said.

“A strong El Nino event can elevate the monthly global temperature by up to 0.2 degrees, but this January is a whopping 1.1 degrees warmer than the average January during the baseline period of 1951-1980.”

During El Nino years, the usual westward-blowing trade winds stall or reverse, lowering the rate the ocean absorbs the excess heat being trapped in the atmosphere by rising levels of greenhouse gases.

Global annual temperature records were broken in 2014 and then again in 2015, with the UK Met Office forecasting 2016 may lift the temperature bar again.

“This sequence of new records every few years – and now even two in a row – reflects the on-going rapid global warming trend,” Dr Rahmstorf said.

“As the El Nino event winds down over the coming months we can expect somewhat lower global temperatures again for a while, but the global warming trend will continue until we phase out fossil fuels,” he said.

Research cut

The latest record-hot month comes as Australia’s premier scientific organisation, the CSIRO, has announced plans to axe 110 of its climate monitoring and modelling staff.

The cuts are part of a wider reorganisation that will slice 350 jobs before later recruitment in other areas restores the losses.

The move against climate research has been denounced by about 3000 scientists from almost 60 nations, who have signed a petition sent to the Turnbull government. They warn that Australia risks losing world-leading talent and will undermine the ability to observe the changes of the world’s climate, particularly in the southern hemisphere.

CSIRO’s chief executive Larry Marshall has said the two climate units targeted for deep cuts will eventually increase staff but numbers will be half current levels. The freed-up resources will be used for other research priorities including studying Australia’s adaptation needs for the inevitable climate impacts to come as the country warms.

For Australia, mean temperatures were 0.52 degrees above the 1961-90 level used by the Bureau of Meteorology as its yardstick.

All states and the Northern Territory recorded warmer than average mean temperatures, with Tasmania recording its second-warmest January on record, the bureau said.

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Ray Hadley defends Alan Jones over ‘stolen generations’ comments

Alan Jones has reiterated his claim that Australia needs more stolen generations. Photo: Jessica Hromas Ray Hadley has defended his 2GB colleague over his comments about the stolen generation. Photo: Peter Rae
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Alan Jones says ‘we need stolen generations’

Broadcaster Ray Hadley has defended his 2GB colleague Alan Jones over his controversial comments about the stolen generation, saying “he’s many things, Alan Jones, but he’s not a racist”.

Hadley said Jones was a generous benefactor to many indigenous youth, a fact that Jones rarely spoke about, and which few people were aware of.

“It’s never revealed, and it’s never spoken about, because he doesn’t speak about it,” Hadley told listeners on his morning show on Tuesday.

Hadley also said he agreed with an argument Jones was attempting to make on Monday, when he declared that Australia needed more “stolen generations”.

Jones later expanded on his views, saying there were children today, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, who should be removed from their dysfunctional families, where alcohol and drug abuse and violence proliferated. But Jones claimed authorities were too scared of being accused of creating another stolen generation.

Hadley said social engineers in government agencies in Australia had decided some time ago that “the community would be best served by leaving children with their biological parents, regardless of the circumstances”.

“Now this is not about black children, nor is it about white children, it’s about children,” Hadley said.

“About children of different backgrounds, black or white, at risk of being left in the care of people incapable of looking after themselves, let alone their children.”

Some Indigenous leaders had branded Jones racist for his comments following the weekend’s Indigenous All Stars rugby league match.

On Monday, Jones had taken a call from a listener, Dell, who criticised the minute’s silence held to acknowledge the stolen generation before the rugby league match kicked off at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane on Saturday night.

Dell claimed the commemoration was a “load of twaddle”, and that “half the stolen generation were taken for their own protection”, to which Jones responded: “Correct. To look after them. And we need stolen generations.”

On Tuesday morning, Jones told his listeners: “Now if there have been children in the past wrongly taken from their families on the basis of their Aboriginality, well that of course is appalling, and [former prime minister] Kevin Rudd apologised for that years ago.

“That’s not the point I’m making,” Jones added. “There are children, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, out there today who are being given no hope in life from an early age because they’re being returned to families where drug, alcohol addiction and violence predominate.

“What Australian, hand on heart, can say this is the best we can do for these kids? But are we frightened to take them away from their biological parents for fear of being branded as creating a stolen generation?”

Jones also quoted a 2014 editorial written by conservative commentator Andrew Bolt, in which Bolt claimed that “the stolen generation is a myth”.

In that editorial, a section of which Jones read out on air on Tuesday, Bolt claimed: “No academic or Aboriginal group has yet met my challenge … to produce even 10 names of children stolen just for being Aboriginal. Even so, no politician dares question the myth for fear of seeming racist.”

Jones also referred to the case of an 11-year-old boy in Perth who was charged with murder following the death of a 26-year-old man last month.

“My heart broke for this little boy, an Aboriginal boy,” Jones said.

“His father had been in and out of jail more times than you could imagine. It was a large family. I believe the grandmother wanted the family removed to other accommodation to protect them from wandering the streets. She was ignored. What would have happened had this little fellow, he’s called Max, been given a home, removed from violence and the dysfunctionality that he has lived with all his 11 years? Now he’s charged with murder.”

On Monday, Professor Tom Calma, the co-chair of Reconciliation Australia, said Jones’ “racism” was a denial of rights and history.

“For decades Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have suffered wrongs and have had abuses committed against them,” he said.

“Many of our mob were removed from their families, banned from travelling freely, punished for speaking our languages and denied access to citizenship, education and health care.”

He said reconciliation required acknowledging injustices of the past, making amends and ensuring they never happened again.

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Canberra’s top design hotels: Design in the capital

The design hotel movement in Australia is pulsing ahead, embracing all that is eclectic, chic and unique, while eschewing the drab sameness of large chain properties. Canberra is at the forefront of this creative swell. HOTEL HOTEL
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Hotel Hotel is a key anchor of Canberra’s award-winning NewActon​ cultural precinct. Located in the NewActon Nishi building, a “radically” sustainable and responsible mixed-use area, the 68-room hotel is a leader in eco-architecture and green design. Designed by Fender Katsalidis Architects, with Japanese influences, accommodations are built from recycled timber and concrete. The interior design is rich with reclaimed oak, natural fibres, restored mid-century furniture and an urban definition of luxe style.

Monster kitchen and bar is many things to many people, serving breakfast from 6.30am (think house-made crumpets with honey), lunch and shared plates from noon to10pm (Moonlight Flat oysters, jamon serrano) and a late-night menu starring the famed yabby jaffle with horseradish and creme fraiche. The cocktail bar comes alive at the witching hour.

See hotel-hotel南京夜网419论坛. QT CANBERRA HOTEL

The former Rydges Lakeside hotel site was given more than a makeover – call it a significant refurbishment and major attitude adjustment – to emerge two years ago, Cinderella-like, as the 205-room QT Canberra. The fifth QT property in Australia has been an instant hit in pollie-town, embraced for its irreverent attitude and eclectic luxury design (Nespresso and Malin+Goetz​ in every room). Creative food director Robert Marchetti​ has had fun with Capitol Bar & Grill, rolling out a menu worthy of the city’s fat cats and expense accounts: there are old-school favourites such as the prawn cocktail, the “I only have a minute” steak, and “a little on the side … dishes”. In Lucky’s Speakeasy, deejays shake off the budget blues, while the Barber Shop offers a close shave Don Draper would endorse.

See qtcanberra南京夜网419论坛. LITTLE NATIONAL HOTEL

Love at first stay; prepare to fall for recently opened Little National Hotel. Proving small and streamlined can make a big impact, 120 compact rooms over two floors sit high atop Realm Precinct’s modernist car park (from the outside, you’d never guess). Minimalist sensibilities create a soothing monochrome palette. Prime views of Parliament House show just how close the hotel is to the epicentre of power.

The super-king-size beds are sublimely comfortable, the free Wi-Fi is lightning-fast, the cable channels seem endless and the breakfast offering at Buvette is deliciously memorable (the French restaurant at adjacent sister property Hotel Realm is serving Little National guests while the hotel builds its own cafe). Service is warm and confidently relaxed, and the room rates are a steal. In short, everything you need and nothing you don’t. With plans to expand the brand to other states, is this the future of small design hotels? Let’s hope so.

See littlenationalhotel南京夜网419论坛. HOTEL REALM

Little National Hotel’s five-star big sister is located directly across the road on National Circuit. Part of the brilliant Realm Precinct created by Doma Group (the family-run construction company decided to build and operate some of Canberra’s hottest new hotels and restaurants: sparks are flying), the property has quickly become one of the most popular hotels in Canberra.

All Realm rooms, suites and penthouses are equipped with Malin+Goetz luxury bathroom products, Nespresso machines, Smart TV, Foxtel and super-fast Wi-Fi. Many rooms boast views of Parliament Circle icons.

Executive chef Fabien Wagnon​ has brought a wealth of international experience to the hotel’s restaurants, including French bistro Buvette, Japanese powerhouse Lilotang​, wholefoods cafe Maple + Clove and the broad appeal of Ostani lounge, bar and restaurant.

Other facilities include the state-of-the-art Evo Health Club and lap pool, wellbeing centre Mudd the Spa and Kundalini Hair.

See hotelrealm南京夜网419论坛. HOTEL KURRAJONG

Originally designed by Commonwealth Architect John Smith Murdoch as a hostel to house Canberra’s first public servants, Hotel Kurrajong is steeped in capital history. Prime minister Ben Chifley lived in a modest room on the second floor throughout his term in office and if the hotel’s walls could talk, they’d tell tales of deals done and political battles won and lost.

Completely refurbished and relaunched in 2015 by NRMA and TFE Hotels (the Aussie-owned company behind Vibe Hotels and Medina Serviced Apartments), the art deco-inspired luxe interior designs by Andrew Parr ensure clever references to the building’s history, without a slavish devotion to its heritage. On the exterior, little has changed in almost a century.

See hotelkurrajong南京夜网419论坛. VIBE HOTEL CANBERRA AIRPORT

With plans for Canberra Airport to begin welcoming international arrivals from September, a slick upgrade and expansion to terminals and facilities is under way. As part of the new-look hub, the 191-room Vibe Hotel Canberra Airport opened its doors, 50 metres from the terminal, in November. The branding is similar to other Vibe hotels – including Rushcutters Bay, Gold Coast and Darwin – with some fun twists. Standard accommodations are referred to as Lower Deck Rooms, while deluxe rooms are First Class. Helix Bar & Dining, helmed by Michael Chatto (formerly of Italian & Sons in Braddon and Sydney’s Fish Face) is brimming with capital produce. And while guests can watch planes landing, they won’t hear them, thanks to robust double-glazing.

See tfehotels南京夜网. EAST HOTEL

Those in the know will tell you East Hotel’s location – an equidistant three-minute walk to the shops and cafes at Manuka and Kingston – is the chicest in town. Easy access to the city’s most sophisticated neighbourhoods and interesting landmarks is assured, on a tree-lined residential block with parks and jogging tracks nearby.

Slick, contemporary design and bold use of colour in studios and spacious apartments has created accommodation with the welcoming ambience of a European lifestyle design hotel. Fabulous king-size beds, the by-now-almost-obligatory Nespresso machines and fully equipped kitchens makes the East’s apartments feel like cosy homes. Installation art is displayed in the lobby on a 10-metre projection wall, currently featuring local photography.

Business and government travellers have given the East their seal of approval, with families also impressed by dedicated Kids Cubby apartments: bunk beds, games, beanbags, kids’ minibar and Xbox 360 were designed with happy kids in mind.

See easthotel南京夜网419论坛. THE AVENUE

With the gentrification of the Braddon city-centre precinct, it was only a matter of time before a stylish new hotel joined the single-origin coffee roasters and craft brew pubs. The Avenue is that hotel, Canberra’s newest five-star hotel in the heart of the city.

Named for its position along Northbourne Avenue, the elegant property offers guests a choice of hotel rooms, spa suites or self-contained apartments, all decked out with modern luxe touches (rainfall showers, high-end bathroom amenities) and well-curated interior design with high-impact colour pops.

The hotel’s signature restaurant, Marble & Grain, has styled itself on a European steakhouse, with soft leather chairs, wood panelling and a feature marble bar creating a grown-up ambience. Offering three separate menus (bar, lunch and dinner), there’s plenty of seafood, pork and lamb from which to choose, although regulars will advise meat lovers not to pass up the opportunity to feast on the buttery-soft wagyu sirloin.

See avenuehotel南京夜网419论坛.

Kristie Kellahan was a guest of Hotel Kurrajong.TRIP NOTESMORE INFORMATION

visitcanberra南京夜网419论坛. GETTING THERE

Qantas and Virgin Australia fly to Canberra from Australian cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. See qantas南京夜网 and virginaustralia南京夜网.

A new international terminal, set to open in September, will link Canberra Airport to the world. See canberraairport南京夜网419论坛.

The drive from Sydney takes three to three and a half hours. See hertz南京夜网419论坛 for car rental.

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Greenpeace targets Coca-Cola Amatil as container deposit scheme decision looms

An image from the Greenpeace campaign calling for a container deposit scheme to “double recycling rates” in NSW. Photo: Greenpeace Time to clean up: NSW could have its very own container deposit scheme within months. The questions is, what will it look like? Photo: Supplied
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A Greenpeace video mimicking a Coca-Cola Amatil ad has targeted an industry-backed container deposit scheme that “will not solve our enormous litter problem,” ahead of the NSW government’s decision on a scheme within months.The video reveals that more than 40 million cans and bottles are littered in NSW every summer, and calls for support of a “recycling plan that works,” in the form of a container deposit scheme.

“Last year, Mr Baird committed to a world’s best-practice container deposit recycling system by 2017. Now Coke is lobbying hard to get him to break his promise by choosing its own plan, which won’t solve our enormous litter problem,” said Nathaniel Pelle, Greenpeace Australia Pacific campaigner.

Since December last year the public has had the opportunity to comment on two options for a potential scheme, put forward by a nine-person advisory committee, with representatives from government, the beverage industry and community groups.

The first, a “Refund CDS” would be framed around a financial incentive: “A consumer would pay an additional 10 cents on the price of a drink and receive it back if and when the empty container is returned to a designated collection site.”

Option two, “Thirst for Good”, is an alternative industry proposal, developed by the major beverage companies, which suggests a “$15 million annual investment by the beverage industry in a suite of programs aimed specifically at reducing litter,” involving both financial and non-financial incentives.

While the latter is an industry-wide scheme, the Greenpeace video refers to it as “Coke’s plan,” and labels it “a joke”.

But the Australian Food and Grocery Council, who is representing the industry scheme, said it will have a bigger and faster impact on litter than a traditional scheme because it targets “all litter, not just beverage containers.”

“It also generates millions of dollars in annual funding for local charities and community groups and will not slug consumers with higher prices that a traditional container deposit scheme will,” said Gary Dawson, Australian Food and Grocery Council CEO.

He argued that a cash-based container deposit scheme “imposes cost on all drink containers, not just out-of-home litter … In some cases, this will have a larger price effect on individual items than a rise in the GST from 10 to 15 per cent.”

While Mr Pelle acknowledged the Thirst for Good scheme was put forward by the Australian Food and Grocery Council to represent all industry players, he said the Greenpeace campaign targeted Coca-Cola Amatil because it is “the main company in Australia and around the world that has led lobbying efforts to ensure cash for container deposit schemes never get up.”

“It was Coke that took the Northern Territory government to court over their introduction of a container deposit scheme, and in documents from global Coca-Cola they make it clear opposing container deposit schemes is something every country should push for.”

Mr Pelle pointed to The Coca-Cola Company annual report for 2012, which states that if requirements like “beverage container deposits, recycling, eco tax and/or product stewardship” are adopted in any major markets in which Coca-Cola operates, “they could affect our costs or require changes in our distribution model, which could reduce our net operating revenues or profitability”.

A spokesperson for Coca-Cola Amatil said any suggestion that Thirst for Good was not an industry-wide proposal is wrong.

“Thirst for Good is the AFGC’s holistic solution to address the litter needs of NSW supported by all major beverage manufacturers,” she said.

“With almost 40 years’ experience operating container deposit schemes in South Australia and the Northern Territory in Australia, Coca-Cola Amatil believes that the litter reduction needs in NSW are different to what South Australia required in the 1970s.”

Public consultation on the container deposit scheme is open until February 26. To read the discussion paper visit: epa.nsw.gov419论坛/waste/container-deposit-scheme.htm

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Biker performs wheelie in front of police on Oxford Street

The passenger gestures to police. Photo: @RidebyBen A video blogger captured the high-speed wheelie on Oxford Street Paddington. Photo: @ridebyben
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A video blogger known as @RideByBen captured footage of a dangerous rider on Oxford Street. Photo: @RidebyBen

A motorcyclist performed a high-speed wheelie in front of shocked police on a busy Sydney street.

After doing a wheelie on Oxford Street, Paddington, the driver’s passenger – riding pillion – was caught jerking his thumb at officers.

The incident was caught on video by blogger @RidebyBen in broad daylight earlier this month. The blogger, wearing a yellow helmet with a blue visor, was riding nearby.

Assistant Police Commissioner John Hartley told media he was “shocked and disgusted” that someone would take that sort of risk on a public street.

Speaking to Nine News, Chris Burns from the Motorcycle Council of NSW said the behaviour undid four years of goodwill that the organisation had built with authorities.

The video blogger known as @RidebyBen didn’t want to be identified. He took the video on two GoPro cameras, one attached to his helmet and another on the bike.

The video blogger told Fairfax Media that the riders of the other bike weren’t wearing any other protective clothing other than helmets, something he said was called “squidding” by other bikers.

“I’d rather sweat in my gear than bleed,” he said, adding that it was a very hot day when he took the video.

As the video blogger stopped at a light, he captured them speeding away as police followed.

“God, I hope I got that, that was awesome,” said @RideByBen in his video.  How’s my hair? pic.twitter南京夜网/V5CPdMYiWe— ridebyben (@ridebyben) February 15, 2016

Police reminded motorcyclists that wearing the right protective gear could save lives, and minimise the chance of hospitalisation after a crash.

“Our motorcycle crash testing shows how the right protective gear can turn what might have been a hospital stay into a minor injury.

“To improve your safety, wear riding gear that covers your whole body and has impact protectors for your joints,”  NSW Police said on Facebook a few days ago.

For more tips, go to:http://roadsafety.transport.nsw.gov419论坛/…/mo…/ridinggear.html

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What’s up with Kanye West? He claims in latest outburst he’s $74.5m in debt

Kanye West claims in latest outburst he’s AU$74.5m in debt. Photo: Kevin Mazur The revelation has left many scratching their heads as West’s estimated worth is $140m, while wife Kim Kardashian is believed to be worth $73.7 million. Photo: Kevin Mazur
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His money worries comes at a time when West has been criticised for paying his 1200 models and extras AU$140 each for a 10-hour day at his sold-out Madison Square Garden show. Photo: Bruce Barton

One woman who took part in the show spoke anonymously and likened her experience to a “concentration camp”. Photo: Bruce Barton

The Kardashians/Jenners/Wests backstage in matching Yeezy and Balmain. Photo: Kevin Mazur

Blonde Kim Kardashian and recovering Lamar Odom stars of Kanye West’s Yeezy 3

He has never been known as one of the most rational people in the world, but even for Kanye West his most recent behaviour around the release of his album, The Life of Pablo, and his new fashion collection, Yeezy Season 3, seems a little berserk, or is it just extremely clever marketing?

In the last two weeks, the rapper, who is married to Kim Kardashian West, has reignited his feud with Taylor Swift by calling her a “bitch” and saying he might have sex with her, gone on numerous Twitter rants, fought with ex-girlfriend Amber Rose and her ex-husband Wiz Khalifa, then made up with them, endorsed Bill Cosby, had his co-writer Rhymefest quit because he said West needs “spiritual and mental” help, and now dropped a bombshell that he is millions of dollars in debt.

“Let’s dance in the streets. I am consumed by my purpose to help the world,” he wrote on Twitter, adding, “I write this to you my brothers while still 53 million dollars [AU$74.5 million] in personal debt… Please pray we overcome…This is my true heart…This is all all is fun all in good feelings… We will all be gone 100 years from now but what did we do to help while we were here!!!”

The revelation has left many scratching their heads as West’s estimated worth, according to a number of publications, is around the $140 million mark, while his spouse Kardashian is believed to be worth $73.7 million, according to Forbes.

He also tweeted Sunday morning: “Mark Zuckerberg invest 1 billion dollars into Kanye West ideas after realizing he is the greatest living artist and greatest artist of all time (sic).” The Facebook CEO has not replied.

Even Kardashian West seems to be embarrassed by her husband’s constant headline-grabbing ways and has not commented on his erratic conduct, instead ignoring it completely and posting about how “proud” she is of his show and sharing plenty of pictures of herself in his Yeezy and Balmain designs.

His money worries come at a time when West has been criticised for paying his 1200 models and extras AU$140 each for a 10-hour day at his sold-out Madison Square Garden show that doubled as a listening party on Thursday.

The event was attended by his wife, their three-year-old daughter North and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner crew, including Kris, Caitlyn, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie. Other A-listers included Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, models Naomi Campbell, and , Balmain designer , rapper 50 Cent, Jay Z, Will Smith’s son Jaden, recovering former LA Lakers player and actor Melanie Griffith.

One woman who partook in the show spoke anonymously to Jezebel(because she signed a non-disclosure agreement) and likened her experience to a “concentration camp”.

Other excerpts from her experience read: “We were instructed to be statues, but there was a point where I shifted my weight and turned to get a different viewpoint. You start getting dizzy from standing there and staring at one point for so long. We were probably standing for like an hour and a half…

“This was a great example of the fashion industry as a whole, that from an outsider’s perspective it looks so glamorous. Everyone’s like, I can’t believe you did that, that’s so cool. And I’m literally like, if you knew the experience you probably wouldn’t be saying that…

“At the end of it I’m like, he actually is crazy.”

She also claimed that the collection was not all original pieces created by West, but items picked up from charity shops.

“I think a misconception was that the clothes the extras were wearing were from the Yeezy collection. All the shoes were Adidas, but the clothes were thrift store finds that I think they dyed to be the same colour scheme.”

Another model, who goes by the name @kurents on Instagram, said he wasn’t paid at all for taking part in the show, although a number of commenters disputed this.

“Lmao I was on the megatron at Madison for yeezy 3. shit was trash. Kanye finnessed 1200 young black adults into working as extras for free to a sold out white crowd that was screaming “all day n—a.” We didn’t find out we weren’t getting paid til 6am. He sent us to jersey and put us in Salvation Army clothes (not yeezy, my pants were carhartt and my shirt was American apparel). I jugged some sambas from wardrobe though,” @kurents wrote.

A representative for West denied that some participants were not paid, but they would not reveal how much they got for their 10 hour shift.

The controversy also comes as his bad blood with Swift rears its ugly head once more. The rapper included a reference to thesinger in one of his songs, Famous:”I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous.”

West has since claimed the idea was Swift’s, while she has called it “misogynistic”. 3rd thing I called Taylor and had a hour long convo with her about the line and she thought it was funny and gave her blessings— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) February 12, 20165th thing I’m not even gone take credit for the idea… it’s actually something Taylor came up with …— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) February 12, 2016

“I did not diss Taylor Swift and I’ve never dissed her… First thing is I’m an artist and as an artist I will express how I feel with no censorship…” He added on Twitter: “I called Taylor and had a hour long convo with her about the line and she thought it was funny and gave her blessings.”

Swift’s people had this to say: “Kanye did not call for approval, but to ask Taylor to release his single “Famous” on her Twitter account. She declined and cautioned him about releasing a song with such a strong misogynistic message. Taylor was never made aware of the actual lyric, “I made that bitch famous.”

Some signs point to West’s self-destructive behaviour as a cover-up for the strain he is under while he does his best to promote his latest album, while other flags suggest that his attention-grabbing ways ensure he remains in public narrative with plenty of free advertising.

Whatever West is up to, it’s not going to stop any time soon.   Lmao I was on the megatron at Madison for yeezy 3. shit was trash. Kanye finnessed 1200 young black adults into working as extras for free to a sold out white crowd that was screaming “all day nigga”. We didn’t find out we weren’t getting paid til 6am. He sent us to jersey and put us in Salvation Army clothes (not yeezy, my pants were carhartt and my shirt was American apparel). I jugged some sambas from wardrobe though.A photo posted by kur-ents (@kurents) on Feb 11, 2016 at 4:13pm PST

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