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Boys are back in town

No rest: Boy & Bear are hitting the road with Groovin the Moo, playing at Maitand Showground on April 23. Tickets available online at gtm.net419论坛LESS than a week after completing a six-date tour of capital cities, Sydney indie rockoutfit Boy & Bear arecounting down until theirnext runaround the country.

The band isset to take itsnew album, Limit of Love, to regional audiences when it joinsthe Groovin the Moo bill throughoutApril and May, playing shows in Maitland, Canberra, Bunbury, Oakbank, Townsville and Bendigo alongside the likes of The Rubens, British India and Illy.

The live arena is where the band feels most at home, according to drummer Tim Hart, who played more than 170 shows with Boy & Bear in 2014to promote thesecond album, Harlequin Dream.

In retrospect, Hart said he doesn’t know how they did it.

“I have no idea,” Hart laughs,” butI was saying to someone recently thatwhen you’re first starting out as an artist, you’ll do anything.

“You’ll play any shows. If someone wants you to play out the front of a fruit barn, you’ll do it. But then you start to get shows and people want to see you.

“Some people are like ‘Man, I’m so over it’ [touring] but we feel really grateful and privilegedthat people still want to come see us play and we don’t take that for granted.”

Hart said the five-piece band, whose debut album Moonfirewon the ARIA Award forAlbum of the Year in 2011, sharea strong senseof camaraderieboth on stage and off.

“The one thing we’ve always tried to be is a band,” Hart explains.

“There are solo artists that are disguised as bands but we’ve always wanted to be a true band.

“Over the years, [frontman] Dave [Hosking] has said no to a lot of things, like ‘No, it’s not a band thing, so I’m not doing it’ and I like that.

“Thatfor meis more rock’n’roll than throwing a TV out of a window. There’s a camaraderiethat comes with that and that’s kept us together.”

Boy & Bear perform at Groovin the Moo at Maitland Showground on April 23. Visit gtm.net419论坛 for details. For your chance to win tickets and meet the band backstage, check out page 19.

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