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Game of Thrones season six teaser: Jon Snow’s fate hinted at as death looms for another major character

The Hall of Faces: Closer inspection implies a grisly truth. Photo: Supplied Does the trailer spell out Jon Snow’s fate?

HBO have finally dropped the latest Game of Thrones teaser for season six, and it’s a doozy.

Not only does the 80-second clip appear to confirm Jon Snow’s death – and hint at a mechanism that may allow actor Kit Harrington to star in the new season regardless – it also insinuates another shock death of a crowd favourite is coming.

But despite being viewed closed to seven million times just seven hours after it was posted on Monday (AEST), some fans have missed a key detail.

The haunting footage will grate the nerves of diehard fans as the faces of surviving characters quite literally join the halls of the dead.

The teaser opens in the House of Black and White’s Hall of Faces, where the disembodied heads of Game of Thrones characters long dead are stowed among the stone shelves.

The camera pans over the deceased Stark family members: Ned, Rob and Catelyn, as their ghostly voices float in the air.

Much-despised Joffrey is next.

“Everyone is mine to torment,” the sadistic character says.

But the Game of Thrones creators do some tormenting of their own, as Jon Snow’s dismembered head emerges from the shadows.

The teaser then takes a wicked turn, as the face of Tyrion Lannister, played by Peter Dinklage, appears among the dead.

The appearance of Tyrion has shocked fans, with many posting on social media expressing their dismay and pleading for the dwarf to be spared.

But many fans, and initial media reports that have lamented the possible death of Tyrion. should take another look.

While most focused on Tyrion’s appearance in the Hall of Faces, which sits square to the camera, the head of Sansa Stark can also be seen to the left of Dinklage’s visage, and Daenerys Targaryen’s head appears to sit to his right.

Below Tyrion are the heads of Cersei Lannister, Arya Stark and Jaime Lannister.

Does this mean all of these heads could be on the chopping block this coming season?

For anyone who has taken even a cursory interest in the hit show and its dizzying mortality count, it’s a warning that hardly needs much more explaining.

As for Jon Snow’s fate, his appearance in the Hall of Faces seems to confirm what most fans feared: that Snow, played by Kit Harrington, is indeed dead.

Although there is a chance he could appear again as a disciple of the Many-Faced God. The disciples – who work in the Hall of Faces – can don faces of the dead to do their work, suggesting this could be the way Harrington returns to reprise his role.

Game of Thrones Season Six is due to be released April 24.

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