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Letters to the Editor

DONE DEAL: French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius celebrates with United Nations climate chief Christiana Figueres after a climate deal is secured in Paris.Government payshomagePerhaps the most corrupting side of human behaviour is the ability to justify to ourselves almost anything we do.Those who work in governments, agencies and institutionsare subject to the money, power and political ‘good versus not so good’ influences and effects of their employers’ culture, and traitsof each worker. Corruption can be the work of one person or many. Inevitably, it diminishes good governance and probity standards from being met. But, always at high cost to little people.

My letter “A corrupt fraud” (Bay Post 22-01-16) described the “CoP 21 Paris meeting agreement” as ‘hyper-political vagueness’, because it did not explain its hidden purpose to the little people who are bearing the cost.

That purpose is to cream the wealth from advanced nations for collection and distribution by the UN,using the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (UNIPCC) fraudulent claim – “the science is settled”, as its lever.

It is a massive con on all Australians. Yet, without explanation our government cheered it.Nevertheless, the palpable evidentiary reality that “the science is NOT settled” is enabling little people to make up their own minds.

Still, the disciples for the UNFCCC, blindly promote its purpose. Locally, their lead actor in his incessant posts on the Bay Post website in particular, has stated: “It doesn’t actually matter what the uninformed public think, does it. The Government (and the other parties) KNOW what is causing climate change, and has agreed with every other government in the world to start emissions reductions”.This example is that of ‘an obedient and unquestioning follower’ of “hyper-political vagueness”. It explains the empty political noise he represents, but what about a government that pays homage to it?”

NevilleHughesSurf BeachGenerational changeAn amazing week for science: the first ever observation of gravitational waves – femtoscopic ripples in the space-time-continuum -confirming Einstein’s 100 year-old prediction.The last building block of his General Theory of Relativity – long debated, now firmly in place. Nobel prizes for physics being typed up as we speak. Some damned fine work by Australians and others, heralding a new era in cosmology. Advancing the possibility of analysing what happened at the dawn of our galaxy.

In the Eurobodalla, we haven’t caught up on technically simple, but far-reaching matters like climate change and sea-level-rise.Not for us the cutting edge of science. For us, the blunt face of applied ignorance.

Nowhere does this ignorance find a more comfortable and welcoming home than in the top end of the local branch of the Liberal Party.Note to Malcolm. Great to taunt us with your Age of Innovation, the Ideas Boom, excellence in STEM subjects, nimble and agile, the most exciting time to be an Australian.Tony complained about a few barnacles slowing the ship of state. You need to worry about tonnes of lead in the saddlebags bringing the noble steed of progress to its knees. You can’t grow an Age of Innovation in a Field of Applied Ignorance.Time for generational change, Malcolm.Start here.

Terry McGeeMalua BayUnited in cautionMuch has been said aboutclimate change,global warming, sea level rise etc. All governments of Australia have discussed and taken advice from the “experts” within departments and associated agencies,as well as legal advisors. MPs of all persuasions or colours have supported a precautionary attitude, in an attempt to reduce or remove any financial impacts predicted changesmay have on various governments, including local councils, rightly or wrongly.

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