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Letters to the editor

BURNING ISSUES: Bendigo council’s plans to introduce an organic waste recycling scheme and Councillor Rod Campbell’s car arrangements continue to be debated.Organic waste scheme a cash grabCouncil performance is somethingour councillors always appear to get themselves into trouble withdue to a lack of entirelyengaging with the ratepayers in determining project priorities.

Take, for example, the proposal to install an organic bin inBendigo. Has there been a comparativecost-benefit analysis undertaken to determine the best community benefit?

The three questions asked of a sample group isskewed towards the organic bin,whether we wantit or not.

An example of reciprocalpersuasion. “Thank you for your reply, now we need yourhelp”.

Ratepayers face an additional charge/tax of either $35 or $63, which is an ongoingincreasing tax, even though Bendigo is growing in dwellings.

At present, some 46,000 would bring inrevenue of $1.6 million per annum or $2.9 million per annum.Growing to 57,868 in year 2026 and66,580 by year 2036. You can work out the sums and that will be without the annual increase intax/charge.

The ageingpopulation –some 65,257 extra residents aged over 70 years by 2030 – having to deal withthis bin problem is not going away.

Not all will be living in hostels or care residences, as thegovernment pushes for more home care in their own residence,requiring more HACC services from council.

It is a cash grab by council without really addressing the issue of municipal, commercial and industrial waste.

There is a Australian Waste to Energy Forum to be held in Ballarat this week providinginformation on how todeal with waste and opportunities to resolve landfill problems.

Will the City of Greater Bendigo be represented at this forum? No, because they say they are workingwith a company to deal with a waste-to-energy business plan, yet can come up with a third bin fororganics.

Why not wait for the business caseand advise ratepayers of this project, which may doaway with the third bin?

Bill Collier,Golden SquareQuestions raised over councillor’s carIn support of Colin Burns’ letter, I note he did not question the commitment of Councillor Rod Campbell, only that he is supplied with a council pool vehicle24/7.

I have also raised this question many times with the City ofGreater Bendigo, the minister and also letters to the editor. I obtained my information from afellow councillor who was not happy the way in which the CEO, under his instrument of delegation, approved the first specially fitted-out leased vehicle for Cr Campbell.

Due to the costs of leasing this secondhand vehicle, the council then purchased a new specially fitted-out poolvehicle –aVW Caddy (which is for any council staff use) but this vehicle has never been in the car pool yard because when it is not being used byCr Campbell it is at his residence, whilst any other councillor wishing to use a pool vehicle must attend the vehicle pool to collect one.

At thetime, under the council support and reimbursement policy, the mayor was the only person supplied a vehicle. To assist Cr Campbell, the councilthen introduced their disability policy allowing him a vehicle, unfortunately this was a back-filling exercise as he already had the vehicle priorto this policy coming into force.

Since no other councillor is afforded the luxury of a pool vehicle 24/7 at their residence, it would appear thatthey are the ones being discriminated against.

I have also been informed by the CEO that when Cr Campbell is no longer on council that this VWCaddy will alsogo.

Robert K Smallpage,HuntlyDo you have an opinion? Send your letters to the editor to [email protected]苏州美甲美睫培训学校419论坛, or PO Box 61, Bendigo, 3552.

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