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Letters to the editor

GOVERNMENT: Reader Glenn Wilson says the people of Australia need to have more of a say in how the country is run and it should not just be left to politicians. We need to have more sayITis my clear and fervent hope our experiment with far right politics, right wing ideology, unfettered corporate and personal greed is about to come to an abrupt end with the pendulum swinging strongly in the opposite direction.

The evidence is crystal clear and overwhelming there are many things vital to the fair and efficient running of our society that need to be in the direct hands of that society, government run.

But the government needs to be responsible, educated and not within the clutches of corporations who donate money with the expectation of a favour in return.

At the moment we have a federal government more driven to help the rich get richer and the poorer in the community pay for that. This must change. If the government will not change then we must change the government.

The lead up to the next federal election in Australia is littered with the smouldering ruins of broken promises, failed budgets, ministers resigning, crises of every shape and style, corruption, waste, arrogance and the mistaken belief that they have a mandate to act this way.

Submarines, automobile manufacture, $500 discount on all our electricity accounts, the Green Army, secrecy, FOI obfuscation, GST increases, fighter jet replacement, deployment of armed forces, knighthoods, travel rorts, hollow double dissolution threats, racist comments from ministersand failed leadership.

Value for money? What then is the alternative? Is the other party up to the challenge of returning us from the darkness of LNP incompetence? They say they are but I am yet to see the evidence. Just last week the Labor party voted to return the refugees and their children to Nauru. What is the difference between the two parties?

On the surface there is no real difference but there needs to be if Labor is serious about gaining government. I am so very grateful for those with the vision who made the decision to have two houses of parliament.

A Senate is not controlled by the party leading the lower house is our one and only safety net. Remember, Australia is not for sale. Our health system is not for privatising. Just look at what has happened to other essential utilities and services that have been sold off to shareholders. Disasters one and all for the consumer.

These are publicassets and services. Where and when did the Australian public give our permission to any government to flog these off?

If a performance review were to be held for both the government and the opposition, what would be the outcome and the recommendations of that review?

Lift your game or ship out.We really do need to have more say in the running of our country as the current shambles is not in the best interests of the majority of Australians.

GLENN WILSON, Tallangatta ValleyNarrow vision NationalsTHE Nationals must now broaden their aims and what they take on for regional Australia.

Tourism is mentioned little or never by Nationals for regional Australia.

Tourism can be a big part of growingregionalcentres that must be about much more than what is on the radar of Nationals.

Getting past old rigid same old same old ways must be tackled.

Plans and policies to promote regional lifestyle shifts.

The Nationals have a varied group of who they now represent and that is not just farm related people.

Many regional towns sit stale and stagnant because of the Nationals and their narrow visions and lack of innovation.

They need toconnect with the city peoplewho love their regional way of life but who also want to see growth and ways to capture it.

GYLL ANDERSON, CorowaThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on 苏州美甲美睫培训学校.

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