BAFTAs 2016: Stephen Fry deletes Twitter account after ‘bag lady’ joke

That’s all, folks … Stephen Fry has quit Twitter as “too many people have peed in the pool”. Photo: qi南京夜网Rebel Wilson shocks with Idris Elba race ‘joke’BAFTAs Red Carpet 2016: Best and worst dressed
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British comic Stephen Fry has “quit” Twitter following the backlash from a joke he made while hosting Monday’s British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards.

The actor, who has hosted the BAFTAs for 15 years and had more than 12 million Twitter followers, came under fire after referring to Mad Max: Fury Road costume designer Jenny Beavan’s appearance.

“Only one of the great cinematic costume designers would come to an awards ceremony dressed as a bag lady,” he said.

After being lambasted on the social media platform for his “misogynistic” remarks he fired back at critics.

“Will all you sanctimonious f–kers f–k the f–k off Jenny Beavan is a friend and joshing is legitimate. Christ I want to leave the planet,” he said.

Prior to deactivating his popular account he tweeted a photo of the pair from an after party with the caption: “Jenny Baglady Beavan and Stephen Outrageous Misogynist Swine Fry.”

Beavan herself has hosed down the controversy saying she was not offended by Fry’s remark.

“Yes we are friends, and I am absolutely not upset, but I don’t want to talk any further because if I talk about it it will just create more fuss,” she told The Telegraph.

Fry also came under fire for his introduction of The Theory of Everything and The Danish Girl star Eddie Redmayne: “He has been a man trapped in his own body, a woman trapped in a man’s body and, if I had my way, a man trapped in my basement.”

Following the awards Fry published a statement on his official website entitled “Too many people have peed in the pool”.

“Think of it as not much more than leaving a room,” he wrote. “I like to believe I haven’t slammed the door, much less stalked off in a huff throwing my toys out of the pram as I go or however one should phrase it. It’s quite simple really: the room had started to smell. Really quite bad.

“…let us grieve at what twitter has become. A stalking ground for the sanctimoniously self-righteous who love to second-guess, to leap to conclusions and be offended – worse, to be offended on behalf of others they do not even know.”

Australian actor Rebel Wilson also raised virtual eyebrows with her race and LGBTIQ jibes when presenting an award.

“I’ve never been to the Oscars, because as you know, they are racist,” she said at London’s Royal Opera House. “But BAFTA have diverse members and that’s what we all want to see in life, isn’t it? Diverse members. One day I hope to return here to win a BAFTA myself. I have already been practising my transgender face.”

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Rewarding time for muscling

DPI researcher Linda Cafe, Armidale, says processors and technology are combining to reward producers who supply greater carcase yield.THERE is change in the wind when it comes to production aimed at carcase yield.
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Angus selected for high muscling are producing cattle that consistently yield more lean meat at slaughter, resulting in higher value carcases.

However, producers adoptinghigh muscling cattle are not receiving fullreward for their efforts because the carcase payment systemfails to completely account for higher carcase yield.

That is about to change.

Department of Primary Industries research officerLinda Cafe, Armidale, has been studying the impact of selection for increased muscling in anAngus herd andshe is excited about new technology that will objectively assess an animal for muscling.

Large processorsare already investigatingx-rayunits that will measure lean meat yield in a carcase and incorporate that into the payment system. Industry expects that development to be less than two years away.

Meanwhile DPI Armidale and University of Technology Sydney aredeveloping a 3-D imaging tool –using available Wii cameras and in-house software–which will identify high-muscled animals and give them an objective muscle score. That technology is less than 18 months from release.

The hope is that new technology will the objective data to createEstimated Breeding Values for muscle score. Currently there is no such thing.

Muscling is identifiedon the hoof by trained professionals. but there is currently no objective way of assessing muscle score.

There is no easy way of identifying high-muscled cattle at weaning time, but with new technology buyers keen on high muscling Angus may be able to identify suitable calves.

Dr Cafe, who has continued the good work of the late Bill McKiernan,said research hadshown whole bodymuscling measured by visual muscle score was a better predictor of increased carcass retail beef yieldand dressing percentage than other indirect measures such as eye muscle area, with or withoutweight adjustments.

“This suggests that selection using visual muscle score could help increase theprofitability of the beef industry,” she said.

“Carcass results from the herd have revealed that when muscle score increased from C to B anincrease in dressing of 1.2% units, and an increase in retail beef yield of 1.6% units was gained.

“Thisis real lean meat gain and does not rely on reducing fatness to increase yield. As a result good meatquality is maintained in the higher muscled, higher yielding cattle.”

“Genetic analysis on the herd has also revealed that muscling is highly heritable.”

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Australia v New Zealand Test series: Black Caps complain Basin Reserve green-top was not green enough

Australia prevail in momentous match
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New Zealand believe Australia’s in-form batsmen remain vulnerable in seam-friendly conditions and can be exposed next week in the second Test.

The Black Caps were unable to handle a Wellington green-top but their coach Mike Hesson says the pitch was not green enough.

A day after his team was hammered by an innings, Hesson could barely hide his disappointment with the Basin Reserve curator.

Australia avoided batting while the pitch was at its most treacherous but conditions were still helpful for bowlers when they started their first innings.

The Kiwis were bowled out in 48 overs while Australia lost three wickets in the remaining 40 overs of the first day before feasting once the pitch had flattened, making 562. It was the third time in four Trans Tasman Tests Australia have posted a first innings total in excess of 500.

However, Hesson believes his bowlers could have run through Australia’s batsmen had the pitch been greener for longer.

“I would have liked this to have been much greener than it was. It only seamed for two hours and that meant that both sides weren’t able to be exposed in those conditions,” Hesson said.

“It’s a bit different when it seams for two hours, it makes the toss a little bit more important.

“I think if you’re good enough to make the most of it you can be exposed.

“Ideally you’d like both sides to have a bit of a crack at it when it does seam.

“You look at the wickets we lost in the first session they were all from good length deliveries and they were able to get the ball off the straight and expose some of our techniques.

“That’s something we’d like to think if we were in a similar situation we’d be able to do something similar.”

The Black Caps’ problem, however, is their quicks lacked bite. Trent Boult and Tim Southee were able to destroy teams in last year’s World Cup but have not been near those lofty standards in four Tests against Australia this summer.

“We haven’t been able to expose them on those surfaces because we haven’t moved the ball,” Hesson said.

“Even this Test match we weren’t able to move the ball off the straight whether that be in the air or off the wicket and that’s something we’re going to have to work on in the coming days.”

Hesson was also bemused Australia were able to extract reverse swing, a feature not commonly seen on these shores.

“To be fair in New Zealand you don’t get a lot of reverse swing 18 overs into a game on day three,” Hesson said.

“It’s something we face a heck of a lot more on the subcontinent than something we do here.”

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East Nowra residents are sick of crime

Concerned: Residents from East Nowra and surrounding areas meet with the Shoalhaven Local Area Command Crime Prevention Unit to discuss how to prevent crime and best report incidences to police.Schregel Place residents speak out over crime
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OVER 40 concerned East Nowra residents called a crime prevention meeting with local police on Wednesday.

The meeting with Nowra Police Station’s Crime Prevention Unit was primarily made up of worried elderly residents and those with young families who said they were tired of continued crime issues.

Shoalhaven Local Area Command officers helped residents understand who to contact when instances arose.

A concerned resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, says neighboursinitiated the meeting with policeafter it became clear the number of people “living in fear in their houses”.

He said people in the area were afraid to leave their homes andbelieved police response times were not up to scratch.According to the resident, the meeting gaveattendeesa better understanding ofpolice work.

“It’s up to the community to be more proactive. We need to be their eyes and ears so wecan accuratelydirectpolice to suspicious activity,” hesaid.

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Man charged with stabbing brother in Morningside fight

A man is refusing to speak to police after being stabbed at Morningside, allegedly by his brother.A 40-year-old man will front court on Tuesday morning charged with stabbing his brother in a house fight in Morningside on Monday night.
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The man’s 43-year-old brother, from Ashgrove, suffered multiple stab wounds to his chest and arms in the fight, which erupted at the 40-year-old’s Lawson Street house just after 9pm.

He was rushed by paramedics to the Princess Alexandra Hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery.

His injuries have been deemed non-life threatening.

A police spokeswoman said the 40-year-old had refused to speak to police about the incident.

He has been charged with unlawful wounding and is scheduled to appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

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Fire at The Gap destroys house

Fire destroyed a double-storey home in The Gap on Monday night. Photo: Shelley Lloyd / ABC NewsA man escaped injury after fleeing his burning home in Brisbane’s west late on Monday night.
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Police and fire investigators will return to the scene of the fire in Cloghan Street, in The Gap on Tuesday, in a bid to determine what sparked a fierce blaze that destroyed the brick home.

Eight firefighting units battled the blaze for about and hour after it erupted about 11pm.

A man fled the home but did not require medical treatment.

A crime scene has been established as police and fire investigators work to determine the cause of the fire.

The two-storey home was gutted by the flames.

Firefighters had the blaze under control shortly after midnight but remained on scene until about 3.30am controlling flare-ups.

Paramedics were on standby but were not required to provide treatment.

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Conservative group attempts to sabotage same-sex formal aimed at helping youth

Josh Makawe, 17, is looking forward to taking his boyfriend [r] Shaun Coupe, 17 to the same sex formal, but a conservative group is trying to sabotage the event. Photo: Supplied Josh Makawe, 17, is looking forward to taking his boyfriend [r] Shaun Coupe, 17 to the same sex formal, but a conservative group is trying to sabotage the event. Photo: Supplied
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A conservative group is attempting to sabotage a same-sex formal being organised to help gender-diverse youth “feel safe, included and be themselves”.

The group, which is also behind the campaign to stop the Victorian Government’s Safe Schools program, has posted a message on its Facebook page asking supporters to buy early-bird tickets aimed at disadvantaged youths.

The STOP SAFE Schools Coalition post says buying the tickets will “protect” the youths.

“PLEASE go and buy a ticket or tickets. The more tickets sold to us, the more youth we protect,” the post reads.

“They are non-refundable unfortunately so if you are then unable to attend you can’t get your money back or a ticket sold to someone else:-).”  

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Secrets of the crown

Dr Steven Simpfendorfer, NSW DPI, inspects a crown rot pre-breeding trial at Tamworth NSW..
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RELATED: Keeping crown rot at bay CROWN rot has emerged as an enormous problem in Australia’s cereal crop, primarily in wheat, but also in barley.

It has been particularly fierce in years with dry springs, which have been on the increase in many cropping regions over the past 20 years.

One of the most worrying signs has been the push of the fungal disease south.

Traditionally associated with the wheatlands of northern NSW, there is now significant crown rot damage each year in areas such as the Victorian Mallee.

According to the 2009-10 GRDC publication, The Current and Potential Costs from Diseases of Wheat in Australia, crown rot causes average losses within the Australian wheat industry of $79 million each year, or $6.63 per hectare.

Without current control measures in place crown rot has the potential to cause losses to the wheat industry of $434m a year or $36.44/ha.

Crown rot costs the Australian barley industry $18m each year, but without current controls in place, that figure would be $78 million, according to the GRDC.

The northern region remains the hardest hit by the disease.

In the northern region alone, crown rot costs $14.98/ha to control, but the potential costs of the disease without control would be $54.58/ha or $23 million in total each year.

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Music event to put Macarthur on map

Intimate: Troy Cassar-Daley will perform at the inaugural Music in the Vines at Suffoir Vineyard in Macarthur next month. Patrons can sit and enjoy live music by Cassar-Daley and six south-west artists in the relaxed outdoor setting.
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The tiny town of Macarthur is gearing up to welcome Troy Cassar-Daley to headline thefirst Music in the Vines event next month.

More than 1000 people are expected to attend the one-day music event, on March 5, atthe picturesqueSuffoir Vineyard, two kilometres fromMacarthur.

Music in the Vines secretary Michelle Badenhorst said it would be held at thesmall boutique winery, whichprovided an intimate atmosphere for patrons.

She said Troy Cassar-Daley was chosen as the headlining act and on the back of his five Golden Guitar win at Tamworth Music Festival in January sheexpected him to be popular.

Other musicians set to entertain the crowd include theShane Howard Trio, Rhys Crimmin, Phil Holmes, Kayla Dwyer, Cooper Lower andNancie Schipper.

“We’d really like to create an annual event to put Macarthur on the map.”

There will also bemarkets,food stallsandwine tastings.For ticketsgo tomusicinthevines南京夜网419论坛

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Letters to the editor

BURNING ISSUES: Bendigo council’s plans to introduce an organic waste recycling scheme and Councillor Rod Campbell’s car arrangements continue to be debated.Organic waste scheme a cash grabCouncil performance is somethingour councillors always appear to get themselves into trouble withdue to a lack of entirelyengaging with the ratepayers in determining project priorities.
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Take, for example, the proposal to install an organic bin inBendigo. Has there been a comparativecost-benefit analysis undertaken to determine the best community benefit?

The three questions asked of a sample group isskewed towards the organic bin,whether we wantit or not.

An example of reciprocalpersuasion. “Thank you for your reply, now we need yourhelp”.

Ratepayers face an additional charge/tax of either $35 or $63, which is an ongoingincreasing tax, even though Bendigo is growing in dwellings.

At present, some 46,000 would bring inrevenue of $1.6 million per annum or $2.9 million per annum.Growing to 57,868 in year 2026 and66,580 by year 2036. You can work out the sums and that will be without the annual increase intax/charge.

The ageingpopulation –some 65,257 extra residents aged over 70 years by 2030 – having to deal withthis bin problem is not going away.

Not all will be living in hostels or care residences, as thegovernment pushes for more home care in their own residence,requiring more HACC services from council.

It is a cash grab by council without really addressing the issue of municipal, commercial and industrial waste.

There is a Australian Waste to Energy Forum to be held in Ballarat this week providinginformation on how todeal with waste and opportunities to resolve landfill problems.

Will the City of Greater Bendigo be represented at this forum? No, because they say they are workingwith a company to deal with a waste-to-energy business plan, yet can come up with a third bin fororganics.

Why not wait for the business caseand advise ratepayers of this project, which may doaway with the third bin?

Bill Collier,Golden SquareQuestions raised over councillor’s carIn support of Colin Burns’ letter, I note he did not question the commitment of Councillor Rod Campbell, only that he is supplied with a council pool vehicle24/7.

I have also raised this question many times with the City ofGreater Bendigo, the minister and also letters to the editor. I obtained my information from afellow councillor who was not happy the way in which the CEO, under his instrument of delegation, approved the first specially fitted-out leased vehicle for Cr Campbell.

Due to the costs of leasing this secondhand vehicle, the council then purchased a new specially fitted-out poolvehicle –aVW Caddy (which is for any council staff use) but this vehicle has never been in the car pool yard because when it is not being used byCr Campbell it is at his residence, whilst any other councillor wishing to use a pool vehicle must attend the vehicle pool to collect one.

At thetime, under the council support and reimbursement policy, the mayor was the only person supplied a vehicle. To assist Cr Campbell, the councilthen introduced their disability policy allowing him a vehicle, unfortunately this was a back-filling exercise as he already had the vehicle priorto this policy coming into force.

Since no other councillor is afforded the luxury of a pool vehicle 24/7 at their residence, it would appear thatthey are the ones being discriminated against.

I have also been informed by the CEO that when Cr Campbell is no longer on council that this VWCaddy will alsogo.

Robert K Smallpage,HuntlyDo you have an opinion? Send your letters to the editor to [email protected]南京夜网419论坛, or PO Box 61, Bendigo, 3552.

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