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Parking exceptions that prove the rule

Dave, of Wallsend, has a bit of a beef with Newcastle City Council.

He spotted a council vehicle parked in a no-parking zone at Wallsend.

“I don’t believe council vehicles or employees have special exemptions to obeying the road rules do they?” he said.

A council spokesman said “drivers are entitled to pull over in no-parking zones for up to two minutes”.This was backed by information onthe Roads and Maritime Services website.

Dave reckons the driver was “definitely there for more than a couple of minutes”.He rang the council to complain and was stuck on hold for“four minutes and 13 seconds”. The council said the average waiting time for callson Monday was “over one minute”.

Fixing The OceanRemember former Herald journo Greg Ray’s story The Ocean is Broken?

It was about Newcastle ocean yachtsman Ivan Macfadyenobservinga massive plume of garbage in the North Pacific, between Japan and the US, andwasteful industrial-scale fishing on a mid-ocean reef.

Greg’s story went viral, after Twitter co-founder Jack Dorseytweeted it. The story alsoappeared on the front page of the website Reddit.

On Tuesday, we came across a Huffington Post video about 21-year-old Boyan Slat, who believes he’s found a way to clean up the ocean.He came up with a system attached to the seabed, which uses the ocean’s currents to collect trash.

Former Herald journo Greg Ray

He said the system could clean up the so-called “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” in 20 years.He hopes to start the project by 2020.The video attracted about 35 million views on Facebook.

We asked Greg Ray if the ocean could be “unbroken”.

“Step one is stop breaking it even more.Stop making shitty products of no value to anybody from intractable substances that don’t break down easily and safely in nature,” he said.

“Put incentives and constraints on global industry to achieve that goal. Quit overfishing. Try to stop the radiation leakage from Fukushima. Just a few thoughts.”

The Chief is in ChargePaul “The Chief” Harragon is now… are you ready for it… the chief.

Shane “Warnie” Warne had been camp leader on the TV show I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

But on Monday’s episode, a shock leadership spill occurred.The camp elected The Chief as its new leader.

Warnie was among those to votefor The Chief to become the new camp kingpin.But in a moment of apparent treachery, reminiscent of a Rudd or Abbott knifing, The Chief then put Warnie on dunny duty.

In truth, The Chief comes across as a nice guy.The question is, can a nice guy win a reality TV show?

A Likely StoryLocal lad Josh Neilson has been up to a bit of hijinks over in Ireland, Topics hears.

Josh usually plays in Newcastle withCentral Butcher Boys rugby league club, but he’s been playing football in the Emerald Isle and working at an eatery called Sugarcube. He ended up on the front page of Cork’s Evening Echo newspaper in a story about pancakes for charity.

Rugby league player Josh Neilson (left).

Josh was in the story’s main picture as the “head chef”flipping a pancake.A Topics spy said he was working as a dishwasher.

“How are you the head chef -you can’t cook?” a friend asked him.

Our spy told us: “The journo asked him his title and he jokingly said head chef and he believed him”.

Very cheeky Josh. Let that be a warning to journos everywhere!

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