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Samantha Armytage says UNHCR ‘inflated’ skit scandal by pulling host gig

Samantha Armytage has said Australia for UNHCR “inflated” the Sex and the City skit situation by firing her from her hosting gig. Photo: Channel Seven The now infamous Sex and the City skit.

Samantha Armytage has been embroiled in many a scandal during her time as a Sunrise host.

Her appointment was marred by accusations that Channel Seven had traded then-host Melissa Doyle in for a younger model, she once congratulated a mixed race twin for having fair skin, and who can forget the “strippergate” hysteria of 2014?

So, surely Armytage would know better than anyone that the best way to deal with controversy is to go into hiding for a bit, and emerge when everyone has forgotten the whole thing happened (which, nowadays, can mean just taking a hour-long nap).

Yet, after a breakfast television skit made headlines and cost her a charity hosting gig last week, the 38-year-old presenter seems to be intent on keeping the story at the top of Australia’s news feeds for as long as possible, embarking on a formidable press tour to challenge her critics.

Armytage started this morning by criticising the UNHCR, whom she says “inflated” an awkward situation by firing her from a hosting gig after a widely decried Sunrise skit featuring former Sex and the City actress (and current UNHCR spokeswoman) Kristin Davis.

In the appearance on the Kyle and Jackie O Show, Armytage spoke about the incident, denying that the refugee advocacy group’s decision was cruel, but stating that it did inflate the situation.

“It wasn’t cruel that they dropped me [but] I was surprised,” Armytage said on the radio this morning.

“They inflated it all by making that decision.”

Armytage was fired from her role as host of a UNHCR lunch in support of refugee women on Thursday, after participating in an awkward breakfast television skit with Davis, who was the guest of honour at the lunch.

The skit saw Davis, who was being interviewed in her capacity as a UNHCR ambassador, asked to re-enact a scene from Sex and the City, with Armytage playing the show’s lead, Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker).

Sunrise had obtained exclusive breakfast television rights to Davis during her visit.

The lunch went ahead on Friday, with Australia for UNHCR director Naomi Steer as host.

The comments this morning come after Armytage expressed her disapproval of an editorial by ABC journalist Virginia Haussegger, which began with the line: “What the hell is wrong with those daft women on commercial breakfast TV! Why are they winding up the ditzy dial? And why are they so dead keen to present themselves as mindless bimbos?”

Speaking to Mamamia today, Armytage said she was “shattered” by the criticism.

“I’m a journalist of 18 years. You can’t be stupid to do what I do,” Armytage said.

In a slight jibe, she added, “I did have to Google [Canberra-based Haussegger] to find out who she was.”

“This is commercial morning TV, not the ABC. If you want to complain about it, go work for the ABC,” Armytage said in response to the editorial by the … ABC journalist.

In a piece for news老域名出售备案老域名 published on Monday, Armytage said the attack was “vile and derogatory”.

“To use petty barbs such as “bimbo”, “dumb”, “ditzy”, “daft” to prove a point, does not make you a feminist. It makes you a bully,” she wrote, describing the skit as “a bit of fun”.

Sunrise presenter Edwina Bartholomew (who was also involved in the skit) has also joined the damage control press tour. She also criticised the editorial, tweeting to Haussegger, “You might be surprised to know even ‘mindless bimbos’ can be feminists.”

Bartholomew has since posted on her Instagram account, arguing Armytage should not be blamed for “that god awful Sex and the City skit”.

“It was not her idea. It was not my idea,” she wrote alongside a picture of the pair,

“But we all did sit there and follow through with it. Do I regret that? Hell yes. Am I making excuses? Hell no.”

Bartholomew added that while she expects to be criticised while on television, she “never expected to be referred to as a ‘dumb chick’ or a ‘mindless bimbo'”.   Much has been said about that god awful Sex and the City skit last week. Most of the criticism has been unfairly directed at my colleague and friend, @sam_armytage It was not her idea. It was not my idea. But we all did sit there and follow through with it. Do I regret that? Hell yes. Am I making excuses? Hell no. I expect to be criticised in this job – I write back to a lot of it because I want you to know I read it and register it. However, I never expected to be referred to as a ‘dumb chick’ or a ‘mindless bimbo’. You can read Sam’s response to the criticism on news老域名出售备案老域名. Link is in my profile. PS Does Sydney Uni offer refunds on Masters degrees?A photo posted by Edwina Bartholomew (@edwina_b) on Feb 14, 2016 at 9:55pm PST

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