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Shark bump fisher’s warningvideo

Shark bump fisher’s warning | video Sam Tapp (left) with his father Peter. Picture: Supplied

Ethan Sutton. Picture: Supplied

TweetFacebookThe great white shark appears from 2 minutes 30 seconds into this video.Raising the alarm, Mr Tapp began heading back for the boat.

Audibly calm, he tells his father and mate to head for the boat and attempts to herd the shark away from them.

He said the oceanic predator did not appear interested in attacking the group as much as examining them.

“It was really calm,” he said.

“I didn’t think it was aggressive at all,just curious.

“I’ve been told they feel things with their mouths, but obviously an inquisitive little poke from him is pretty serious.”

“It’s not likeJaws, though.”

The video offers a thrilling insight into a moment Mr Tapp said passed very quickly, but he hopes it works as a warning fordivers tostay vigilant.

“I’m not a very good spearfisher, but I am an experienced one,” he said.

Ethan Sutton. Picture: Supplied

“The whole point of the video is to highlight safety and looking out for your mates.”

“That’s the first great white shark I’ve seen in the water while I’ve been swimming, but not the first I’ve seen in the area.”

While he said the swim back to the boat appeared to pass more quickly in the moment, it was his father’s reaction when they watched it later that drove home the excitement.

He said the elder Mr Tapp had been unable to hear him raising the alarm, and only realised the shark had been present once he was aboard the boat.

“He didn’t realize how close I had been,” Mr Tapp said.

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