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Short Takes

IN regards to our new courthouse.First; the aestheticsmay grow on meonce the jasmine vine is establishedand in full bloom. Second is safety –who will protect us from these Novocastrian criminals given thatit takes seven floors to deal with them all?

Dave Wilson,Bar BeachON television the other day, I kept hearing “this Salmonella outbreak is just the tip of the iceberg” referring to the lettuce scare. It was at best an unfortunate metaphor. If the intent was to pleasure the writer, through the pain of others, it succeeded.

Kevin Gartrell,WyeePOOR old Keith Parsons (Letters, 16/2),from the letters he writeshe’d have us believe Newcastle is going to hell in a handbasket. Keith’s nostalgia for everything 1920s and 1930s roots him firmly back then. It seems he hates Honeysuckle, whereas I think it is a great addition to the city. I prefer the here and now any day. I wouldn’twant to go back to my childhood in the 1950s.

Les Field,WickhamOMG,just when we thought it was safe to go outside again along comes the KeolisDowner Group to whip thoseevangelical ‘I told you so’ Save our Rail peopleback into a light rail, Liberal government-hating frenzy. It’s a shame they can’t focus on the renewed vibrancy of New-Castle without clinging to a dream that left the station 14 months ago.

Shane Brassington,NewcastleTHE towering presence of the legal headquarters looks great. Pity one can’t get off the train at Civic Station anymore. The Baird governmenthas completely stuffed up our transport system. Replace the tracks now.

Kathie Anthony,WaratahALL these people that want to drink until 3am can’t have jobs to go to. If any of them are on the dole, it should be stopped because they won’t be out looking for work at 8am which they should be doing.

Barry Spaulding,Cardiff700 people turned out to protest against council amalgamation. I havewitnessed just as many council workers standing around trying to fill a pothole.

Stephen Barnett,Fingal BayTREASURER Scott Morrison has compared Labor’s negative gearing strategy to the mining tax. Does this mean he will enlist his corporatemates, big business and Rupert Murdoch to crush the idea with ad hominem arguments and spurious assertions?

John Lawton,BelmontTHE POLLSDo you agree with Superintendent John Gralton’s comments on the lockouts?

Yes 64%,No36%Are you impressed with thecourthouse?

Yes79%,No 21%MESSAGEBOARDTHE families of Soper and McWilliams are invited to a reuniononMarch 27, 2016 atCaves Beach,starting 10am.Contact Janice Hawken (nee Soper) on02 6331 2845 or 0409 005 042.

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